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Create Memorable Pop Music

Hi, I'm Thales Matos, a Pop Music Producer. I believe a pop song has to be:

  • Emotionally compelling;
  • Pro-sounding;
  • Memorable.

I can help you check all those boxes even if you're a beginner that produces and records in your bedroom. Below, you'll find out how.

Thales Matos – Pop Music Producer

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Ever wanted to immerse yourself in pop music production

Then this is the right channel for you. 

My mission is to share the knowledge I've gathered in over 15 years of being a musician. 

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Here's a sample of the in-depth tutorials you'll find in my channel

My Original Songs

Besides producing music for other artists, I'm also working on songs I write and record on my own.

Just recently, I started learning how to sing. This alone made me respect singers 10x more.

These songs are like a place where I dump all my past and present feelings and tell my stories — which may or may not have been a bit distorted.

If I had to pick a genre for them, I'd probably call it "Quirky Pop."

And since you've read thus far — you might as well check them out: