Who is Thales Matos?

Hi, I'm Thales Matos, a music producer and songwriter obsessed with Pop music.

Based in Florida — originally from Brazil — I love making music and talking about it.

My mission is to share the knowledge I've gathered in over 15 years of being a musician so you can make emotionally compelling, pro-sounding, memorable music from home.

And I intend to do that by remaking several chart-topping songs and deconstructing them on Youtube tutorials.

You can also expect in-depth video tutorials on my favorite subjects:

  • Music Production;
  • Mixing;
  • Sound Design and Effects;
  • Songwriting;
  • Music Theory;
  • Creativity and Workflow;
  • Recording Vocals;
  • Ableton Live;
  • Feedback on Your Songs;
  • Gear and Plugin Reviews.

Fun Facts About my Musical Journey

  • I recorded my first song on a cassette tape stereo system when I was 10. The arrangement consisted of an electric guitar and drum machine — inspired by Nirvana and... Spice Girls!
  • I've played hundreds of live concerts with Pop and Rock bands in the United States and Brazil. I was 15 years old on my first one — playing the bass on a System of a Down tribute band.
  • I finished Law School but decided to pursue my dream of being a musician. At some point, life happened, and I ran a shipping business for 5 years. Then I shut it down and finally became a music producer again.
  • Just recently started learning how to sing. This alone made me respect singers 10x more.